Volkswagen is developing two versions of the crossover Tiguan

May 7, 2015 at 10:15 pm

Volkswagen leads the development of two variants of crossover Tiguan – five- and seven-seat.
Volkswagen, like the resource Autocar, is developing two versions of a new generation Tiguan. It is a question of five- and seven-seat versions of the crossover. The premiere of the first of these is scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015. But the Tiguan with extended wheelbase and an extra row of seats will not until the beginning of 2016.

Volkswagen Tiguan XL 2015 picture

Volkswagen Tiguan XL 2015 pics

The compact crossover will be built on the MQB platform with dimensions of about repeating this generation. Sales of the seven-seat crossover will be deployed in North America, China and Europe. Tiguan next generation is expected to be offered only with four-cylinder turbo engines.

Volkswagen Tiguan XL 2015 pics

Volkswagen Tiguan XL 2015 image

In 2017, the Mexican Volkswagen factory will start producing next-generation Tiguan seven-seat. Thus, the Germans have officially confirmed that the new crossover will be at least two versions – regular and elongated.
According to preliminary data, will offer customers even coupe version of the model, but this information is not confirmed by VW.

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