Volkswagen has decided to develop the idea XL1

June 2, 2015 at 1:04 pm

Paradoxically looks VW XL1 with its two-seat interior, a rate less than a liter of fuel per 100 km and a price tag of € 110 000, but this idea has taken the root.
Moreover, as reported by the British media, they become aware of insider sources, the idea will be continued. The machine, which probably will be called XL2 (totally expected an explosion of creativity) and will be built using a hybrid powerplant from the XL1.

Volkswagen XL2 picture

Volkswagen XL2 pics

Front and rear suspension, as well as the carbon skeleton will be in the new car with minimal changes. Thoroughly have to work only on the interior. It must accommodate four passengers. To simplify access to the second row with a pair of separate seats at the XL2 is a four-door, or almost four. The front door will be complete, and the rear – with a half-opening counter-movement, as was the Mazda RX8 or current electric BMW i8.

Volkswagen XL2 pics

Volkswagen XL2 image

All these changes will inevitably lead to an increase in the weight of cars (the current XL1 weighs 795 kg), but VW said it was not going to go beyond the consumption of 0.9 l / 100 km. Apparently, for this they have do a lot of work over the settings of the power unit, consisting of a 48-horsepower diesel engine and 0.8 liter 27-horsepower electric motor. It begs the question: if impractical XL1 cost of fabulous money, then how much of the hall fit for the four-door version?

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