Volkswagen BlueSport is abandoned

March 4, 2015 at 6:27 pm

Volkswagen has no plans to run a series of conceptual roadster BlueSport.
For quite a long time rumors about the construction on the basis of the concept Volkswagen BlueSport serial sports car circulated on the Internet, but the other day the head of the research department Volkswagen Heinz-Jakob Neusser put an end to speculation on this topic. In an interview Autovisie top manager of Germany’s largest automaker said that the issue of commodity BlueSport is not planned. Solution manual brand Heinz-Jakob Neusser explained by the fact that the market segment of small roadsters constantly decreasing, so the sales of this model would be very small.

Volkswagen BlueSport  pics

Volkswagen BlueSport image

The epic of the compact roadster Volkswagen lasts more than a year and it seems that is not going to end. German auto giant has long planned to launch a similar model in production, but did not start, but in the meantime, this question pops up periodically in the media. Recently, he came up in conversation Autovisie and head of development Volkswagen Heinz-Jakob Neusser.

Volkswagen BlueSport  picture

Volkswagen BlueSport pics

Neusser again unleashed hopes supporters roadster, saying that Volkswagen has no plans to start mass production Concept BlueSport – German automaker last concept that would suit to create the model. According to a representative of the concern for BlueSport is simply no place in the market, but instead wants to focus on VW models A- and B-Class.

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