Volkswagen Jetta Review

March 8, 2015 at 5:27 pm

Jetta have the 140-horsepower turbo diesel – the ubiquitous TDI, the main raw material model line VW. And he continues to delight in each installation. Performance, and it obviously has not been brought there as a sacrifice for the sake of saving fuel. Easily fit into the standard costs (5.8 liters) of 4-tsilindrovik looks coveted power package and in combination with 6-speed DSG, even if such equipment Jetta weighs almost half a ton – a real heavyweight, hereditary trait platform previous Golf.

Volkswagen Jetta pics

Volkswagen Jetta image

Branded transmission with two clutches precisely configured to work with the engine – automatic Jetta quietly seamlessly jump that seems incredible for automatic transmission without smoothing traction transformer failures. And in sport mode, the transmission power is removed all the benchmark: engine speed never rolled back from the crest, where the maximum turbine catches a wave of torque.
But the driver is better to exercise restraint, because when you operate the accelerator sudden craving diesel is so explosive that DSG cringe shutter unpleasantly sharp. You will need to press the gas softer and when maneuvering at pedestrian speeds, when the gearbox seems intractable.

Volkswagen Jetta picture

Volkswagen Jetta pics

Best of all engines feels on the highway: the crankshaft rotates all 2200 rev / min at 110 km / h, and TDI remains steadfast and calm unit, with decent potential for overtaking. And yet – do not load the hearing nor cold, nor on the motorway, under heavy acceleration. Thus, at 80 km / h noise in the cabin Jetta just two decibels above background in the Bentley Continental GT!

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