The news about Volkswagen Crafter of the new generation

August 14, 2016 at 7:34 pm

The Volkswagen subdivision, working with LCV (light commercial vehicles), has shown the new generation Crafter van. The basic design is presented by a style of the Transporter model that is the main in the LCV family. Among the Crafter’s upgrades there are the horizontal headlights instead of upright ones and a new grille with 0,33 aerodynamic drag coefficient.

The new generation Volkswagen Crafter van picture

The new generation Volkswagen Crafter van picture

The motor range of a new minivan includes 4 types of 2.0-liter diesel TDI with the capacity of 102-hp, 122, 140 and 177 horses. According to the manufacturer, the engine conforms Euro-6 standard. Every motor will be supplied by 6-step mechanics as well as 8-step automatic transmission. Depending on the configuration, the Crafter will be available with front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

The Crafter's rear design image

The Crafter’s rear design image

The carmakers plan to launch several body variants into Auto Market. The dimensions will make 5,98-7,39 meters of length and 2,34-2,8 of height. The largest logo compartment can reach 18 cubic meters. The German company will begin taking pre-orders for this model in the autumn; the official delivers will start after the presentation of the new generation Crafter in Hanover.

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