The New Volkswagen Amarok Canyon

May 18, 2015 at 4:06 pm

Modern Volkswagen Amarok, as well as the eponymous lone wolf, has great strength, endurance and courageous character. Version Canyon it is still very bright and stylish, but with “automatic” the most convenient and easy to manage.
For the Volkswagen Amarok Canyon is offered two body colors – white and terra cotta. It is in this latter embodiment pickup looks like the most exclusive, and as if to justify its name, it immediately evoked memories of the red-brown clay soil of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Volkswagen Amarok Canyon pics

Volkswagen Amarok Canyon image

Apart from the fact that the pickups are cult cars just in the US, so it is also a country of automatic transmissions. And this instance Amarok Canyon has to show how “automatic” caught on the machine, and worked with the most powerful twin-turbo diesel engine.

Volkswagen Amarok Canyon picture

Volkswagen Amarok Canyon pics

Originally designed for the most that neither is a utilitarian function – namely, to transport bulk cargo dirty, pickups gained immense popularity among the conquerors of the off-road, and for some people become a means of expression. Sturdy construction with a powerful frame, uncut rear axle on leaf springs makes these cars as much as possible at enduring the most intense use. A four-wheel drive and a huge ground clearance give them excellent all-terrain qualities.

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