Test-drive: Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan

May 9, 2015 at 10:15 pm

Anyone who follows the phenomenal success of Volkswagen in the World Rally Championship (WRC), deemed legitimate, that in the name of its new model, the company uses the word Sport. But we see this as a tribute to fashion, as indeed Golf Sportsvan is built on the C-Class hatchback family minivan, utilitarian trucks for those who require more space on the second row and a roomy trunk. He created the traditional recipe of Volkswagen with the most modern materials, systems and equipment. A sportiness therein is not greater than in many sports tourers and sports wagons. The manufacturer positions Sportsvan as a representative of the premium segment, but all materials and equipment in it similar to other Volkswagen, so they should be considered and the popular premium cars?

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan picture

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan pics

Strict design Golf Sportsvan with sharp edges and smooth lines is fully consistent with the style of other cars of the company. The front panel even though it has its own architect, but logical switch blocks, rigorous informative instruments, soft quality plastic – like in other models.

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan pics

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan image

The interior has its own design. More than a sheer panel with broad glossy pad looks good and expensive. But Volkswagen it is recognized correctly. The interior is all strictly and correctly. Switches in their places, and their algorithms are the most logical work. The equipement is modern and working effectively.
Who in Golf Sportsvan little sport, he can choose the appropriate profile drive and switch the DSG in sport mode or manual control.

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