The first Volkswagen diesel hybrid XL1 was given to its owner

April 3, 2015 at 2:32 pm

The first copy of the diesel-electric car Volkswagen XL1 found its master. The buyer has paid for the car 110,000 euros. Identity of the client is not specified, but we know that he is a resident of Germany. The production version of the concept Volkswagen XL1 debuted in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Volkswagen XL1 picture

Volkswagen XL1 pics

Volkswagen handed over the keys and the car itself to the buyer of the first instance of a hybrid XL1. White XL1 handed Berliners. Super-efficient XL1, which first debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, is powered by a 0.8-liter twin-cylinder turbo diesel and electric motor. Torque is transmitted to the rear wheels through a seven-speed gearbox DSG. Thanks to the body of carbon fiber curb weight is 795 kg.

Volkswagen XL1 pics

Volkswagen XL1 image

Low weight and low drag coefficient (0.189 Cx) provide fuel consumption on the combined cycle at 0.9 l / 100 km. Pure electric mileage of 50 km. Cost exclusive news from Volkswagen officially announced. Last year, before the start of orders reported that Volkswagen XL1 will cost about 145,000 dollars.

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